Folkboat Charter with meerflair


Come on board and experience the fascinating folkboat!

A Folkeboot can be more than just sailing, it spills comfortably from the first minute, focuses on the essentials and remains a sporting pleasure with its fabulous sailing characteristics! Once you have experienced the fascination of this beautiful clinker building, you will not let it go so quickly. It is just the simple sailing, which always works and this is confirmed by the 70 years of success story.


The renouncement of many things we believe they need to be replaced by the unforgettable feeling when the hull gently dips into the waves and the boat with the elements seems to be one.

Discover the special charm of the Mediterranean with our Folkebooten "Wiki" and "Go-On"!
Below deck is pure comfort, you just feel comfortable and safe. The classical crack gives the Langkieler an incredible seaworthiness and is of harmonious beauty. Would you like to experience the lagoons by boat? No problem! The low draft of our Folkeboote allows you to sail to idyllic places, while the "big ones" can only watch from the distance the magic of the romance ... You know the problem that you are in the main season hardly berths in coveted city harbors or marinas gets? With the Folkeboot you will be welcomed almost everywhere, and you will not only get a particularly good rate, but also a nice place! Some harbors will be waving from afar and looking forward to a folkboat in their harbor!

Our virtual tour offers a view into every corner of the wooden classics.