Classic Yacht "Hollander" Charter with meerflair

Gaff Schooner

Put the sails on and let´s go!

You can rent the traditional ship for you and your friends or family, weekly, for a weekend or for a day trip. We take care of sailing and everything around. So, do we hear an ay, we're doing it? We create your own personal adventure!

A journey on this 18-meter-long ship is a unique experience - when the sails are set and the course is on, you can feel the power of this classic, more than 100 m² of canvas bring the ship moving quickly. Gentle, elegant and fast, the bow glides through the waves, in the spacious cockpit can be served a snack and on deck there is ample space for sunbathing or to look in the evening at the splendid starry sky. Below deck, comfort is not compromised as brass taps adorn the guest bathroom, a heated towel rail provides warm luxury and the salon provides ample space to eat in a larger round. The Gaffelschoner Hollander was designed by Daniel Bombigher and built in 1982 on the Seine by English boat builders in a construction period of 3 years. 

The designer has managed to create a sailing ship that is an unusually comfortable home and which, on the other hand, has great sailing characteristics. Hollander conveys a sense of sailing and security as hardly any other yacht could do.


The gaff rigg impresses not only by its optics but also by its performance. Guided by a knowledgeable hand, Hollander is incredibly sensitive at the helm. You can feel the ship in any position perfectly and can thus give itself as a unit completely to the elements.

True cosiness is embodied below deck. The beautiful interior has nine beds and two bathrooms. The spacious and bright salon provides enough space for longer trips.

Price details

An experience on this beautiful Gaffelschoner has its price - so you can orient yourself, here is a small overview: 

Day excursion from € 250, - per person or if you want the ship exclusively for you, from € 1,200, - incl. Skipper and ship supervisor. Here, depending on the weather, we can explore the nearby city harbors of Slovenia, make a trip to romantic Italy or enjoy island hopping in Croatia.

 You also can book the boat together with the skipper and ship's guide from € 6,000 per week and we will tailor your dream of a sailing trip individually to you. We will gladly discuss the possibility of concession packages with fixed prices with you!